SM Gestão Hospitalar

Assessoria Empresarial e Gestão Hospitalar Ltda.


In 1996, The Bahia Government began a public-private partnership (PPP) program to improve the quality of the health care service. The decision was made because of the highly complex duty of providing universal health care services to the people of Bahia. The ambition was to transform public hospital performance indexes as good as those of the private ones.

In the same year the new health care organization model was accepted by the State Health Care Council and it was also approved by the State Congress. Based on the results achieved this pioneering enterprise is now a success not only in Bahia but also abroad.

After five years of implementation the public-private partnership experience had already revealed a great number of positive opinions of its clients and it had also attracted the interest of the academic community. The Santa Cruz State University, in Bahia, named the Luiz Eduardo Magalhães Base Hospital, a PPP hospital at Itabuna-BA, as one of its school hospitals. The PPP management model adopted the teachings of the Brazilian Institute of Nuclear Quality (IBQN) and the Juran Institute.

In April, 2000 the Bureau Veritas Quality International of London certified the Carvalho Luz Hospital. It was the first Brazilian public hospital to be entirely certified. At present time, it is a common fact to observe private companies operating, adopting modern management techniques and offering good quality service in public hospitals.

The client’s opinion, measured by surveys, demonstrated the high quality level of the service. Based on the excellent evaluation of the service it is feasible to conclude that the results exceeded the expectation of the society. To conquer its clients SM developed its own technology based on a sharing management system assuring results to the contractor.